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Sirian Lancers

The Sirian Lancers were the provincial force of the Free Worlds League's Sirian Concordance.

Insignia of the Sirian Lancers
Sirian Lancers
Unit Profile (as of [[]])
Nickname The Fury[1]
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Military


The Sirian Lancers have had a disproportionate effect on the history of the Free Worlds League since the end of the Fourth Succession War. Janos Marik's decision to preemptively withdraw left the worlds of the Concordance in the hands of the nascent Federated Commonwealth. When Thomas Marik launched Operation Guerrero in 3057, it stopped short of reclaiming those worlds. When an insane ComStar Precentor, Alisendar Gyrn, took control of Sirius and Procyon creating his own small stellar empire the Sirian Holds, the Lancers threatened to invade, with or without support from the LCCC. The LCCC decided to aid the three regiments, providing the 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires to support the three Sirian units. Together these forces liberated the worlds in 3058 to find "reeducation camps" and other atrocities.[2]

Angry at the Captain-General and the LCCC for not liberating their homeworlds sooner, the Lancers all but went their own way. The Sirian Lancers commanding officer, Colonel Ginny Ebaugh, stopped going through FWLM channels for replacement parts and supplies. The supplies needed by several 'Mech regiments still came in, but no one could identify the source of the materials. In addition, most Sirian Lancer units at this time were housed in separate bases away from other FWLM forces.[3]

In 3068, troops wearing the colours of the Lancers attacked Skye on the 4th of February with support from a renegade WarShip, the FWLS Percival, the incident which that led to war between the Free Worlds League and the Skye Province of the Lyran Alliance.[4] In 3070 the Sirian Concordance seceded from the Free Worlds League and joined the Word of Blake Protectorate.[5] Soon after, the Lancers defected to the Word of Blake Militia.

In 3079 those Sirian Lancer commands that had survived the Jihad joined the Regulan Hussars.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Sirian Lancers


Different per Unit.

Units of the Sirian LancersEdit

Colors and Unit InsigniaEdit


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