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Skye Rangers

Originally the army of the Federation of Skye, where the Skye Rangers were once synonymous with courage and resolution, many in the LCAF and LAAF see them as divisive for their ties and support of Skye independence movements like Free Skye. The Skye Rangers have maintained close ties to its parent state, recruiting almost exclusively from the Federation. As such, the unit frequently sides with the Duke of Porrima, not the Archon. Therefore, the brigades loyalties are questionable.

Insignia of the Skye Rangers
Skye Rangers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Bravehearts
Parent Formation LCAF/LAAF
Formed 2300s


The Skye Rangers were the largest of the original provincial militaries. In 2765 they had sixteen active regiments. They were known as being fiercely individualistic, which many considered a form of sedition. They were used offensively, but generally half the active regiments of the Rangers were left in the Isle of Skye to avoid political problems.[1]

Early in the Jihad the Skye Rangers led an assault into the Free Worlds League. Though they inflicted serious damage on the FWLM, including destroying the 5th Oriente Hussars, the Skye Rangers spent most of the Jihad defending the Skye Province from Word of Blake attacks.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Skye Rangers


Different per Unit.

Units of the Skye RangersEdit


Color Scheme and InsigniaEdit

  • The parade color scheme of the Skye Rangers is dark red, with the arms of 'Mechs, turrets of vehicles or rudders of fighters painted black. Each regiment has its own unique highlight color.
  • The Rangers insignia takes for form of a yellow sun partly obscured by wisps of white clouds on blue sky disc.



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