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Smoothdavid II

Smothdavid II-Smothgoliath II.jpg
Smoothdavid II PA(L) Exoskeleton
Production information
Manufacturer TharHes Industries
Equipment Rating
Use Law Enforcement
Weight Class PA(L)
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost ??? C-bills
Introduced 3064
Technical specifications
Mass 400 kg
Top Speed 30 km/h

2 x Anti-Personnel Weapon Mounts

Armor Type Standard
BV (2.0) 4[1]


The Smoothdavid II Light Personal Armor was designed by TharHes Industries of Tharkad. Introduced in 3064, the design was created for government and law enforcement agencies, when it became apparent that Battle Armor was too heavy and clumsy for police work.

The Smoothdavid prototypes were first seen in action on Solaris VII in field tests. The tests in the Exoskeleton arenas of Solaris proved to be successful and boosted the suit's visibility to potential customers.

The suit became part of various government agencies and saw service during the last Whitting Conference in 3067.[2][3]

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

The Smoothdavid II is fitted out with two modular Anti-Personnel Weapon Mounts, one found on each arm. In addition to the APWs, because the suit is fitted with Armored Gloves manipulators, it can also handle any hand-held infantry weaponry. The suit is equipped with a searchlight and able to carry 205kg of equipment.

The suit is protected by only 50kg of armor, making it ill-suited for the battlefield. Despite this lack of protection compared to standard Battle Armor, the Smoothdavid II is able to conduct anti-BattleMech attacks.[4]


  • Smoothdavid III 
    Introduced in the Jihad, this variant reduces the ground speed to 10km/h. A Medium Recoilless Rifle is fitted to the suit. BV (2.0) = 24[5]
  • Smoothgoliath II 
    This variant of the Smoothdavid II was designed for explosives disposal. It differs from the baseline suit in the following ways; The suit's armor is doubled to 100 kg, the Anti-Personnel Weapon Mounts are removed in favor of a Heat Sensor and a Cutting Torch in the arms. It's equipment capacity is reduced to 130 kg. BV (2.0) = 7[6]


  • There is no detailed information regarding the prototype Smoothdavid other than it was used on Solaris.


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