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33rd Division (Word of Blake)

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Raiding in the Suns
===Raiding in the Suns===
The unit in tatters, it returned to the [[Word of Blake Protectorate|Blake Protectorate]] to regroup. Two [[Level III]] formations emerged from shadows in late [[3073]] to begin concentrate raids on FedSun worlds on border with Protectorate. Finally part of what can descriped as mini-campaign, was against worlds of [[Axton]] and [[Goshen]] in middle of [[3074]]. The Division most successful strike was when it inflicted considerable damage against [[Wangker Aerospace]] on Axton, causing them cease production which has not recovered from as of 3075.<ref>''Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents'', p. 94 - , "33rd Division profile/history".</ref>