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As the [[AFFC]] was looking for [[OmniVehicle ]] designs, [[StarCorps Industries]] quickly reacted. While StarCorps Industries had only built [['MechsMech]]s, it gathered a military vehicle design team and released a prototype in record time. Though not the only OmniVehicle submitted for consideration, the Manteuffel (named after the long line of [[Lyran ]] armor generals) revealed itself to be the best. Officially it fulfilled all requirements, but unofficially StarCorps Industries had greased all the right palms.
This tank is assigned only to highest-profile units within the [[LAAF]] and [[AFFS]] because of its expense and technologies it uses, such as the [[Lyran Guards ]] in the [[Lyran Alliance |Alliance]] and [[Davion Brigade of Guards ]] in the [[Federated Suns|Suns]]. The [[Deneb Light Cavalry RCTs ]] [[RCT]]s also received some as they are one of the best combined-arms brigades in all of the [[Inner Sphere]], so they can make good use of the expensive tanks.