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*The 3rd participated in an [[Allied Mercenary Command]] attack on [[Talitha]] on 8 December 3069, together with Burton's Brigade.*Source: <ref>''Blake Ascending'', p. 239</ref> 
[[General ]] Terrence Krieger is a seasoned officer and inspiring leader.
The common soldiers act as astechs and free the techs for the important repairs. The unit have access to Dropships [[DropShip]]s and Jumpships[[JumpShip]]s
General Krieger command the entire brigade, and his aid [[Colonel ]] Roderick Astbury the First regiment.
Colonel Hopin Morrison lead the command and has served former times with the [[Lexington Combat Group]].
Colonel John Marik-Johns is a distant member of the FWl [[FWL]] high nobility and lead the command with great skill.
**'''3rd Armored Regiment'''(1 Reinforced Regiment/Regular/Reliable)
:The unit contains 1 artillery batt + 2 heavy tracked batt + 1 fast hover batt.
Image:Dismal1.jpg‎|1st Dismail Insignia
Image:Dismal2.jpg|2nd Dismail Insignia
Image:Dismal3.jpg|3rd Dismail Insignia
*''[[Blake Ascending]]''
*''[[Field Manual: Mercenaries Revised]]''
[[Category:Mercenary Commands]]