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Oriente Protectorate

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The '''Oriente Protectorate''' was founded in [[3086]], after the dissolution of the [[Free Worlds League]]. Descended from one of the original founding states of the League, the Oriente Protectorate is a fusion of the [[Grand Duchy of Oriente]], the Protectorate, and the [[Duchy of Orloff]]. Oriente is theoretically a representative government, but it operates under military rule, much like the [[Free Worlds League]] after the fall of the [[Star League]].
==Fact Sheet<ref>''Touring the Stars'', p. 73</ref>==
* Founding Year: [[3086]] ([[2241]] as [[Federation of Oriente]])
* Capital (City, World): Amur, [[Oriente]]
* National Symbol: a silver eagle before a purple-and-black disc
* Location ([[Terra]] relative): Rimward of Terra, antispinward of [[Capellan Confederation]], central
* Total (Inhabited) Systems: 29
* Estimated Population ([[3130]]): 85,500,000,000
* Government: Representative Commonality (currently operating under military rule)
* Ruler: [[Captain-General]] [[Jessica Marik]]
* Dominant Language(s): English and Greek (both official), Chinese
* Dominant Religion(s): Christianity (Orthodox), Islam
* Unit of Currency: Drachma (1 drachma = 0.31 C-Bills)
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