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Dismal Disinherited

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The unit fields 3 full regiments with support elements.*'''[[1st Dismal Disinherited''' "Krieger's Plague of Locusts" (1 [[Regiment]]/Veteran/Fanatical):Many new deisgns with medium/heavy weight and most with XL machines for higher mobility.:'''1st Strike Wing'''(1 Wing/Elite/Fanatical):The unit fields heavy fighters for close air support.:'''1st Armored Cavalry'''(1 Reinforced Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical):The conventionel forces which field mechanized cavalry (2 batts), air defence + artillery (1 batt) and fast tanks (2 battalions)*'''[[2nd Dismal Disinherited''' "Morrion's Crypt Kickers" (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable):One battalion with fast heavies supported by medium mechs, because the other battalion contains heavy/assaults for brute force.:'''2nd Attack Wing'''([[Wing]]/Elite/Fanatical):The unit fields mainly heavy fighters with ammunition dependent weapons.:'''2nd Armored Regiment'''(1 Reinforced Regiment/Regular/Reliable):The regiments contains 2 mechanized battalions + 1 artillery battalion + 2 armor tanks.*'''[[3rd Dismal Disinherited''' "John's Hostile Hellraisers" (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable):The 3rd batt (slow mechs) act as an anvil for the 2 other more mobile batts (act as hammer):'''3rd Attack Wing'''(1 Wing/Veteran/Reliable):The heavy fighters provide close air support.:'''3rd Armored Regiment'''(1 Reinforced Regiment/Regular/Reliable):The unit contains 1 artillery batt + 2 heavy tracked batt + 1 fast hover batt.]]