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The '''''BattleTech''''' board game , also referred to as ''Classic BattleTech'' or "CBT" for short (see ''History'' below), is a table-top wargame set simulating combat between futuristic mechanized forces in the fictional [[BattleTech]] universe, simulating combat between futuristic mechanized forces. Originally published by [[FASA|FASA Corporation]], the game's first edition was named ''[[Battledroids]]'', but it the game was renamed ''BattleTech'' from the second edition onwards. [[BattleTech, 2nd Edition]], with its updates to the sometimes unclear or erroneous rules and record sheets from ''Battledroids'', is generally considered the baseline game, and ''Battledroids'' merely a prototype or percursor.
Highly The highly successful, the setting spawned numerous spin-off games, novels, etc. and established itself as a brand name (see ''[[BattleTech]]'').
The game is currently owned by [[Topps]], and produced under license by [[Catalyst Game Labs]].
[[FASA|FASA Corporation]] published the first ''BattleTech'' game set in 1984, and throughout the '80s and '90s released a wide range of supplemental books and materials for the series. FASA ceased producing ''BattleTech'' in 2001 and sold the [[w:intellectual property|intellectual property]] (IP) to [[WizKids]]. [[FanPro]], who had previously held the license for German ''BattleTech'' products, licensed the rights from WizKids and continued to release sourcebooks and supplements under the ''Classic Battletech'' moniker. IP holder WizKids was purchased by [[Topps]] in 2003, and terminated as a brand in 2008; ever since, Topps holds the IP to ''BattleTech'' (among others).
For some During the time between 2000 2002 and 2008, the IP was split and a new BattleTech game line, called [[MechWarrior: Dark Age]] was produced using which employed the substantially different [[Clix]] rules. The original board game line was re-branded [[Classic BattleTech]] during this time, but the "Classic" prefix was dropped again from new products after the Dark Age line was discontinued. It remains in use to some extent, most notably in the [[w:URL|URL]] of the official [ "Classic BattleTech" homepage], and is now synonymous with the BattleTech board game.
In June 2007, FanPro's license ran out and [[Catalyst Game Labs]] (a subsidiary of [[InMediaRes]] Productions, LLC) acquired the license to Classic BattleTech in their stead. Catalyst also retained many of the staff members who worked for FanPro.<ref>[ Catalyst Game Labs » Blog Archive » INMEDIARES PRODUCTIONS, LLC, FORMS IMPRINT: CATALYST GAME LABS<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><br />