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Trial of Grievance

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This system of decisions and regulations is designed to outlast the anger that sparked the trial, and that is usually the case. Some records indicate, however, that sometimes the anger between two warriors, or two sets of warriors, outlasts even the Trial of Grievance, degenerating into what we would call a feud. The most notorious and well-documented failure of the grievance trial system involved the Nicholas Pride [[sibko]] and the Blue Devil sibko of [[Clan Smoke Jaguar]]. The Blue Devil warriors maintained a grudge for several generations, based on an imagined slight during a Smoke Jaguar Council ceremony.
More commonly than a formal Trial of Grievance is the informal version. These usually involve single low-ranking warriors over issues that are not considered important. Immediately after the [[Batchall]], the two engage in negotiations, which are themselves quick. The trial is immediately fought in an ad-hoc Circle of Equals simply drawn in the dirt. This informal procedure is illegal in Clan law but not enforced, since to force all disputes to be formally resolved would cause too much of an administrative burden.<ref>''The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky'', p. 118 Grievance, "Trial of Grievance" - Brief explaination of what trial is Grievance is.</ref>
*''[[The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky]]''
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