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Alternate Configurations
==Alternate Configurations==
*Alt. Config. A - The most common alternate configuration is built around the same principle of short-range firepower. It mounts an [[Ultra Autocannon/20]] in the turret, while its front is packed with two [[Medium Laser]]s and one [[ER Small Laser]]. It also mounts a [[C3 Slave]] module. BV (1.0) = 987 (C3: 137)
<ref> RS 3067 p. 15 </ref>
*Alt. Config. B - The last variant, thought uncommon, is considered to be the most feared with its [[Heavy Gauss Rifle]] plus one [[Medium Laser]] and one [[ER Small Laser]] for close in defense. BV (1.0)= 1028
<ref> RS 3067 p. 16 </ref>