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First Exodus

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== Background ==
After almost a century, the hyperspace theories of [[Thomas Kearny]] and [[Takayoshi Fuchida]] had been proven correct. The Terran Parliament approved funding for the [[Deimos Project]], the developement of the first faster-than-light space ship.<ref name=TSL8SL8>''The Star Leaguesourcebook'', p.8</ref>
== History ==
=== The Race to Space ===
After the maiden flight of the [[TAS Pathfinder]] and its arrival in the Tau Ceti system on December 5, [[2108]], the Terran Alliance established its first extrasolar colony on [[New Earth|Tau Ceti IV]].<ref name=DAS11>''Dropships and Jumpships (sourcebook)'', pp. 11-13</ref>
During the first colonisation wave, new planets were settled monthly. Eventually, disaster struck in April [[2128]], when the privately constructed and operated colony ship ''Liberator'' disappeared without trace. The Alliance Parliament quickly passed regulations, forcing colony ships to be escorted by Terran Space Navy ships, and installing planetary administrators as colonial governors.<ref name=DAS11/>
The First Exodus ended with the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the subsequent withdrawal of the Terran Alliance to a 30 light year territory around Terra. <ref name=TPS13>''The Periphery (Sourcebooksourcebook)'', pp. 13-14</ref>
== References ==