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First Exodus

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Despite Ryan's support, not all Seperatists and anti-Alliance groups emigrated off-world, but radicalised in the face of increasing Alliance oppression. Terrorist organisations like Elias Liao's ''New World Disciples'' sprang up. Quickly gaining notority, Liao's group was responsible for the death of no less than 26 heads of states, and 14 Terran Alliance Parliament members (and at least 135 bureocrats, scientists, and technicians), further destablising Terra's political system. Rudolph Ryan himself was killed by an anarchist assassin in [[2185]].<ref name=HL8>''House Liao: The Capellan Confederation'', p. 8</ref>
The simmering conflict between the Alliance and the Seperatists and the constant threat of nuclear terrorism finally erupted into a series of unification wars waged by the Alliance. By the early 23rd century, Terra was finally unified under the Terran Alliance.