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First Exodus

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The '''First Exodus''' marked the height of the [[Terran Alliance]]. During this era, the first off-system colonies were established.
=== Collapse and Isolation ===
The final [[Alliance Grand Survey#Fourth Alliance Grand Survey|Grand Survey]], conducted in [[2235]], listed over 600 628 colonized worldsin a radius of 250 light years. In May of the same year, [[Denebola]] declared independance, and just a year later, the [[Outer Reaches Rebellion]] began on [[Freedom]].<ref name=TPS13HBHD19>''The Periphery (sourcebook)Handbook: House Davion'', ppp. 13-1419</ref>
While local protection treaties, such as the [[Chesterton Trade League]] had already been established for decades, the Alliance-appointed colonial governor's demand for extensive regulative rights was - in the face of the Alliance's overall benign neglect - the driving force behind an independance movement that rose to power in several loosely aligned colonies. When Terran troops first fought the well-entrenched insurrectionists, they were soundly defeated, to the shock of the Expansionists on Terra. <ref name=HL9>''House Liao: The Capellan Confederation'', pp. 9-10</ref>
The conflict continued well into [[2237]], with more and more declarations of independance reaching the Terran Alliance Parliament. Saddled with passive resistance and refusal of support from other colonies, the Terran forces finally realized the futility of their situation and returned home. <ref name=HL9/>
<!--Between Following this first defeat and with others soon following, the political situation on Terra turned into chaos, allowing the Liberal Party to oust the Expansinoists in [[22362240]] . Unfortunately, the Liberals had become as radicalised as the Expansionists, and acted accordingly. For a while, even mentioning Terran offworld colonies was treated as a criminal act. Finally, the Liberals passed the [[2237Demarcation Declaration]] While local protection treaties, such as the : from [[Chesterton Trade League2242]] had already been establishedonward,      -->The First Exodus ended with the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the subsequent withdrawal of the all Terran Alliance to colonies (aside from a 30 light year territory years blubble around Terraitself) were released into independance, whether they desired it or not. The age of the First Exodus was over.<ref name=JHST144/>
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