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The '''Oriente Protectorate''' was founded in [[3086]], after the dissolution of the [[Free Worlds League]]. Descended from one of the original founding states of the League, the Oriente Protectorate is a fusion of the [[Grand Duchy of Oriente]], the Protectorate, and the [[Duchy of Orloff]]. Oriente is theoretically a representative government, but it operates under military rule, much like the [[Free Worlds League]] after the fall of the [[Star League]].
==Fact Sheet<ref>''Touring the Stars'', p. 73</ref>==
* Founding Year: [[3086]] ([[2241]] as [[Federation of Oriente]])* Capital (City, World): Amur, [[Oriente]]* National Symbol: a silver eagle before a purple-and-black disc* Location ([[Terra]] relative): Rimward of Terra, antispinward of [[Capellan Confederation]], central* Total (Inhabited) Systems: 29* Estimated Population ([[3130]]): 85,500,000,000* Government: Representative Commonality (currently operating under military rule)* Ruler: [[Captain-General]] [[Jessica Marik]]* Dominant Language(s): English and Greek (both official), Chinese* Dominant Religion(s): Christianity (Orthodox), Islam* Unit of Currency: Drachma (1 drachma = 0.31 C-Bills)  
This second-largest of the League successor states was led by the false [[Thomas Halas|Thomas Marik]] and his wife [[Sherryl Halas]] after the death of Sherryl's father, Duke [[Christopher Halas]], in [[3080]]. The [[Principality of Regulus]] viciously assaulted Oriente time after time for harboring the false Thomas, which forced Oriente to expand away from the Regulans. Sporadic fighting continued until the 3120s.
After end of the war, Lady Jessica brings together various factions within the former league and convinces them to reform Free Worlds League under her leadership. Her new husband, [[Thaddeus Marik III|Thaddeus Marik]] leads a military coalition to retake [[Atreus]] from [[Regulan Fiefs]] in [[Operation Homecoming]].
On July 3rd [[3139]], Lady Jessica was sworn in as [[Captain-General]] of the (new) resurrected Free Worlds League. 
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*[[Kevin Killiany]]. ''[[List of BattleTech novels#To Ride the Chimera|To Ride the Chimera]]''. [[ROC]]: 2008.
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