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==BattleMechs vs Combat Vehicles==
In many cases, combat vehicles can be just as good if not better than their [[BattleMech]] counterparts. Combat vehicles are structurally weaker and, for some designs, not as maneuverable as 'Mechs; a tracked vehicle for example cannot negotiate dense woodland or deep waterways as well as a 'Mech. However they do use the same weapons, armor and technology as found on 'Mechs. Though most are powered by an [[internal combustion engine]] and limited to ballistic or missile weaponry, this combined with their design allows them to shed waste heat more efficiently. [[Power Amplifier]]s allow for ICE-equipped vehicles to use [[laser]]s and other energy weapons; other vehicles are built with their own [[fusion engine]]s, and are still cheaper to produce than 'Mechs.<ref name=TechManual>''Techmanual'', p.??{{cn}}90-94, "The Mechanized Battlefield"</ref>
===By Weight===
VTOL craft use directional jets or rotors to achieve flight, allowing for high speeds and maneuverability over any terrain. Their light weight however allows for limited armoring and their means of locomotion are particularly vulnerable to damage from weapons fire.<ref name=TechManual>''Techmanual'', p.??{{cn}}, "The Mechanized Battlefield", </ref>
====Wing in Ground Effect====
WiGE craft are a cross between hovercraft and aircraft, utilizing an aerodynamic principle known as ground effect to achieve limited lift. This allows them to achieve the same speed and maneuverability as hovercraft without the vulnerable skirt. Vehicles of this type are mostly used for transportation purposes.<ref name=TechManual>''Techmanual'', p.??{{cn}}, "The Mechanized Battlefield", </ref>
====Naval Vessels====
Naval craft are restricted entirely to water operations, and as such are rarely seen except on watery worlds. When operating in this environment, though, they are easily able to outmaneuver 'Mechs whether operating underwater or on the surface.<ref name=TechManual>''Techmanual'', p.??{{cn}}, "The Mechanized Battlefield", </ref>
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