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Lootera is Huntress's capital and largest city. The city, like Jaguar Prime, is a series of contrasts with drab, featureless buildings standing in proximity to monolithic memorials to Smoke Jaguar heroes and the clan's proud, warrior tradition. Lootera is home to the Smoke Jaguar military command on planet, including a garrison of solahma warriors and a few training fields. It is also the site of the Smoke Jaguar [[Gene Center]] which houses the genetic legacies of the legendary Howell and Osis bloodlines (though it was also revealed that Smoke Jaguar scientists had secretly acquired copies of the giftakes of heroes from other Clans, like [[Aidan Pryde]]). This pyramidal structure also houses an eternal laser which constantly burns upwards in honor of Jaguar warriors who perished serving their clan. The Field of Heroes, a pavilion of stone-sculpted BattleMechs, stretches before the genetic repository as well. Mt. Szabo looms in the distance where a leaping Smoke Jaguar has been carved in its side in a monumental display of hubris. The mountain is also home to a sub-terranian military complex, complete with a rare and deadly Reagan anti-ship battery.{{cn}}
The cities of Bagera, Myer, Pahn City, and New Andery comprise the Smoke Jaguars' other major centers of population, industry, and military presence on planet. [[Falcon Eyrie]] is a unique exception, belonging to [[Clan Jade Falcon]]. Located in the remote Eastern Mountains, the small garrison facility was gifted to the Jade Falcon clan years ago as a gesture of goodwill. It has since been staffed by a small contingent of warriors (almost exclusively solahma) and scientists and has been used as a site for secret military and genetic research. The facility is purely symbolic and the Jade Falcons do not seek to expand their territorial holdings on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld. However, the Falcons presence has proven to be a source of periodic tension between either clan.{{nccn}}
==3060 Update==
The [[Inner Sphere]] with a combination of Operations Bulldog and Serpent annihilated the Smoke Jaguar Clan and seized their Homeworld. This included the systematic destruction of every war-making industry, military base, and any monuments to the achievements of the Smoke Jaguar Clan. After the [[Great Refusal]] was won, the Inner Sphere held the Homeworld at least in part as a permanent outpost in Clan Space, where a [[Star League]] ambassador was stationed.{{cn}}