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BattleMechs vs Combat Vehicles
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==BattleMechs vs Combat Vehicles==
In many cases, combat vehicles can be just as good if not better than their [[BattleMech]] counterparts. Combat vehicles are structurally weaker and, for some designs, not as maneuverable as 'Mechs; a tracked vehicle for example cannot negotiate dense woodland or deep waterways as well as a 'Mech. However they do use the same weapons, armor and technology as found on 'Mechs. Ground vehicles also benefit from the fact that they have a lower center of gravity and larger footprint than 'Mechs, allowing for more stability.<ref>''Techmanual'', p. 43, "BatlleMech Tech: A Primer"</ref> Though most are powered by an [[internal combustion engine]] and limited to ballistic or missile weaponry, this combined with advantages in their design allows them to shed waste heat more efficiently. [[Power Amplifier]]s allow for ICE-equipped vehicles to use [[laser]]s and other energy weapons; other vehicles are built with their own [[fusion engine]]s, and are still cheaper to produce than 'Mechs.<ref name=TechManual>''Techmanual'', p.90-94, "The Mechanized Battlefield"</ref> 
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