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Long Range Missile

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Several types ==Description==First introduced in [[2400]] by the [[Terran Hegemony]], '''Long Range Missiles''' are designed to engage the enemy at great distances at the expense of Long damage dealt. These missiles are capable of indirect fire and disperse over a smaller area than [[Short Range Missile systems exist]]s. For specifics about [[Inner Sphere]] LRM launchers achieve this range by firing at a particular typeballistic launch angle, click on one making them less accurate at close range. [[Clan]] LRM launchers do not suffer from this effect, in addition to being smaller and more compact, thanks to their technological advantage. LRMs are highly upgradable, able to fire [[:Category:Alternate Ammunition|a variety of the links below:warheads]] and benefit from devices such as [[Artemis IV FCS]].<ref>''TechManual'', p.229</ref>
* [[LRM-5]]
* [[LRM-10]]
* [[LRM-15]]
* [[LRM-20]]
Long Range Missile technology has been expanded upon since it was first introduced, especially in the years since the [[Clan Invasion]] spurred weapons designers on both sides. These include [[Extended LRM|Extended]], [[Enhanced LRM|Enhanced]] and [[Streak]] LRMs.
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