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Oriente Protectorate

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*''[[Touring the Stars]]''
*''[ Legacies of the League II--Oriente and Andurien], [[Wizkids]] Games. Accessed November 9, 2007.''*[[Jason M. Hardy]], ''[[List of BattleTech novels#The Scorpion Jar|The Scorpion Jar]]''. ROC: 2004.(Novel)*[[Randall N. Bills]] & [[Jason M. Hardy]], ''[[List of BattleTech novels#Principles of Desolation|Principles of Desolation]]''. [[ROC]]: 2006.(Novel)*[[Blaine Lee Pardoe]], ''[[List of BattleTech novels#Surrender Your Dreams|Surrender Your Dreams]]''. [[ROC]]: 2006.(Novel)*Randall N. Bills. ''[[List of BattleTech novels#Pandora's Gambit|Pandora's Gambit]]''. ROC: 2007.(Novel)*[[Kevin Killiany]]. ''[[List of BattleTech novels#To Ride the Chimera|To Ride the Chimera]]''. [[ROC]]: 2008.(Novel)
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