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==Garrisoning Military Force==
===3025 to 3054 to 3063===
* [[Blandford's Grenadiers]], (3 [[Battalion]]s)<ref name=HL105>''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)'', p. 105, "Unit Deployment Table"</ref><refname="ORp143">''Objective Raids'', p. 143, "Unit Note"</ref><ref name=FMCC119>''Field Manual: Capellan Confederation'', p. 119, "Capellan Confederation Deployment Table"</ref>
===3063 to 3067===
* [[Holdfast Guard]]<refname="FR:CCAFp8">''Field Report: CCAF'', p. 8, "Capellan Hussars Profile"</ref>
==Manufacturing Centers==
==Owner History==
* [[27502366]] - [[Capellan Commonality]] <ref name="HB:HLp17">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 17, "Capellan ConfederationFounding, 2366"</ref>* [[2367]]- [[Capellan Confederation]] <ref name="HB:HLp17">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 17, "Capellan Confederation Founding, 2366"</ref>* [[2822]] - [[Capellan Confederation]] <ref name="HB:HLp31">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 31, "Capellan Confederation after First Succession War [2822]"</ref>* [[2864]] - [[Capellan Confederation]] <ref name="HB:HLp39">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 39, "Capellan Confederation after Second Succession War [2864]"</ref>* [[3025]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name=HL143/><ref name="HB:HLp40">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 40, "Capellan Confederation after Third Succession War [3025]"</ref>* [[3030]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name="HB:HLp49">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 49, "Capellan Confederation after Fourth Succession War [3030]"</ref>* [[30403054]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name="ORp143"/>* [[30523058]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name="HB:HLp60">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 60, "Capellan Confederation after Operation Guerrero [3058]"</ref>* [[30573063]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name=FMCC119/>* [[30623067]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name=HBHL71/><ref name=FMU32/><ref name="HB:HLp68">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 68, "Capellan Confederation after FedCom Civil War [3067]"</ref>* [[30673076]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name=MM59/>* [[30763079]] - [[Capellan Confederation]]<ref name="FR:CCAFp8"/>
==Nearby Planets==
<references />
*''[[Field Manual: Capellan Confederation]]''*''[[Field Manual: Updates]]''*''[[Field Report: CCAF]]''*''[[Handbook: House Liao]]''*''[[House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)]]''*''[[Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers]]'' *''[[Objective Raids]]''
[[Category: Capellan Commonality Planets]][[Category:Capellan Confederation Planets]]