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{{stub}} "Most armies use their Used in low-intensity conflicts and as support for [[BattleMech]] resources sparingly when they cans, and so maintain forces of '''Combat Vehicles''' are used by all major forces of the [[Inner Sphere]] as a way to serve in low-intensity conflicts and spare their more valuable 'Mechs as much as auxiliaries to BattleMech unitspossible. Like BattleMechs Their method of construction is similar in some regards, vehicles and they can be constructed take advantage of modular technology in the same way as modular 'Mechs to create [[OmniVehicle]]s. Vehicles Also like 'Mechs, combat vehicles are classified by weight in the same manner , as well as BattleMechs, and also by type their method of locomotion."<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
[[File:Color-vehicle.png |200px|right]]
===By Weight===
====Light Vehicles====
"'''Light vehicles''' have are used primarily for reconnaissance. With a maximum weight of 35 tons. Primarily used for reconnaissance, the light vehicle their design is based almost exclusively designed for on speed. Though This category is dominated by hovercraft, although tracked and wheeled light vehicles doe exist on the battlefield, hovercraft —with their greater speeds— dominate this weight class."<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
====Medium Vehicles====
"'''Medium vehicles''' weigh from 36 to 55 tons. Used as fill the role of skirmishers, medium vehicles are fielded by within the various House militaries of the [[Inner Sphere]] armed forces. Their job is to harass and pin down an the enemy until the firepower of heavier forces units can be brought to bear." Medium vehicles weigh from 36 to 55 tons.<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
====Heavy Vehicles====
"'''Heavy vehicles''' range from 56 to 75 tons. Mirroring the medium [[’Mech]] weightclass, heavy vehicles are the workhorse vehicle vehicles of all the [[Successor States|Successor State]] armies, fulfilling the same role as medium-weight 'Mechs. Packing a serious punch with armor Weighing from 56 to match75 tons, a heavy vehicle can stay in the fight longer vehicles pack serious firepower and protection, making them more dangerous than even some medium ’Mechs'Mechs."<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
====Assault Vehicles====
"'''Assault vehicles''' weigh from 76 to 100 tons. Though they lack the mobility of their [[’Mech]] counterparts, rely on the sheer volume of firepower that an assault vehicle carries canbe the downfall of they wield to take down even a heavy ’Mech if the [[MechWarrior]] piloting it fails 'Mechs. Weighing from 76 to exercise caution100 tons, their slow speed is their only drawback."<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
===By Locomotion===
====Ground Vehicles====