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Objectives: Draconis Combine

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{{sectionstub}}* How To Use This Book* Credits* Combine Overview* Industrial Update* Strategic Integrity* Industrial State* [[Pesht Military District]]** Industrial Worlds*** [[Abiy Adi]]**** [[Luthien Armor Works]]*** [[Avon]]**** [[Matabushi Incorporated]]*** [[Chatham]]**** [[Tamori Trans Industrial]]**** [[Wakazashi Enterprises]]**** [[Stellar Trek]]*** [[Hanover]]**** [[Saxe-Heidelberg Heavy Industries]]**** [[People's Protection]]*** [[Jeanette]]**** [[Jeanette Naval Yards]]*** [[Kagoshima]]**** [[Nissan General Industries]]**** [[Wisdom of the Dragon]]*** [[Loysville]] **** [[Ishikawajima-Harima Battle Armor Industries]]*** [[Luthien]]**** [[BBP Industries]]**** Ishikawajima-Harima Battle Armor Industries**** [[Matabushi Computing Equipment]]**** [[Pagoda for Luthien Officers]]*** [[Nykvarn]]**** Luthien Armor Works*** [[Pesht]]**** [[Pesht Motors]]*** [[Qandahar]]**** [[Dow-Nexus Fusion Products]]*** [[Savinsville]]**** Luthien Armor Works*** [[Schuyler]]**** [[Dharma Hyperspace]]**** [[Galileo Instruments]]**** Wakazashi Enterprises*** [[Soul]]**** [[Blankenburg Technologies]]*** [[Unity]]**** Pesht Motors** Strategic Worlds*** [[Albiero]]*** [[Bjarred]]*** [[Irece]]*** [[Ningxia]]* [[Benjamin Military District]]** Industrial Worlds*** [[Aix-la-Chapelle]]**** [[Diplan 'Mechyards]]*** [[Dover]]**** [[Dover Shipyards]]**** [[Hinsdale Electronics]]**** Wakazashi Enterprises