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House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth)

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| image = [[Image:HouseSteiner-1621.jpg|191px]]| name = House Steiner Sourcebook| Publisher publisher= [[FASA]]| Year year= 1987| Production production Code = 1621| ISBN = 1-55560-033-6| MSRP = US $15.00| Type type = Source Book| Primary Writing primary writing= [[Boy F. Peterson, Jr.]]| Product Development product development= [[L. Ross Babcock]]| Illustrations illustrations=
*[[Jeff Laubenstein]]
*[[Todd F. Marsh]]
*[[Dana Knutson]]
*[[Dawen Wehrs]]
| Pages pages= 173
The ''House Steiner Sourcebook'' provides an overview of the history of the [[Steiner]] family and of the [[Lyran Commonwealth]] up to [[3025]].
*This was the first of the House books published by FASA. Much of the information was intended as background material for [[MechWarrior (RPG)|''MechWarrior'' role-playing game]] campaigns.
* A downloadable version (''sans'' pictures) is available at [ ''House Steiner'' Book]