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Added details on the formation of the Capellan Hegemony
* Planetary Ruler: [[Justin Aris]] <ref name="HB:HLp12"/>
* Planetary Diem: [[Nicopolo Aris]] <ref name="HB:HLp12"/><ref name="HL(TCC)p13">''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)'', p. 13, "Capturing The Markets"</ref>
* Population: 2,000,000+<ref name="HB:HLp12"/>
===3025<ref name=HL143/>===
==Planetary History==
===Early History===
Settled by [[Justin Aris]] and his followers in [[2193]], Capella was first the seat of the [[Capellan Holdfast]] - a nation of just one planet - and then the centre of the Capellan Republic when Aris reinvented his realm after first contact with explorers from the nearby [[Sarna Supremacy]]. In parallel with the Republic, Capella became the centre of the [[Capellan Co-Prosperity Sphere]], a mutual defence organization that grew and merged with the Republic to form the [[Capellan Hegemony]] in [[2270]].<ref name="HB:HLp12">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 12, "Timeline: Capellan Zone"</ref><ref name="HL(TCC)p12">''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)'', p. 12</ref> Accordingly, when the Terran Alliance commissioned the [[Alliance Grand Survey|Grand Alliance Survey of Populated Worlds]] in [[2235]] it was noted that Capella didn't consider itself to be even nominally under the authority of the [[Terran Alliance]].<ref name="HL(TCC)p9"/>
Justin Aris deliberately concentrated on growing both the arts and the various libraries and centres of learning on Capella in the early 23rd century; drawing on his own classical heritage, he built Capella into a huge data clearing house, as well as a centre for learning, thinking and the arts. In an era when dozens of worlds were struggling with independence and actively suppressing independent thought and expression, Capella actively welcomed scholars and artists with open arms. Justin Aris and Capella revolutionised the local region, making information a valuable currency and increasing Capella's influence with the surrounding worlds and nations.<ref name="HB:HLp13">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 13, "A Precious Commodity"</ref>
===The Capellan Hegemony===
By the late 23rd century, Capella was recognised as being a "Teacher Of Worlds", the home of hundreds of the brightest minds of the day; this continuing growth in intellectual and artistic talent continued to boost the Capellan economy and with it commercial prosperity. Capella was soon a commercial hub to rival [[Chesterton]] or [[Sarna]], and other worlds increasingly worked to develop goodwill from and good faith towards Capella, subtly shifting the flow of goods and barter away from older, more established worlds in favour of Capellan goods.<ref name="HB:HLp13+">''Handbook: House Liao'', p. 13, "Capturing The Markets"</ref>
This came to a climax in [[2270]] when the ruling senate of Capella, the Capellan Agoropolis, declared to be a fact what was already a de facto truth in the region - the formation of the [[Capellan Hegemony]], a new nation which included every inhabited world within twelve light years of Capella as well as all of the founding members of the Capellan Co-Prosperity Sphere. While this was well received by the Capellan people, it antagonised the nearby [[Sarna Supremacy]], who implemented a full-scale economic blockade of the Hegemony. It also triggered an actively expansionist attitude from the Agoropolis and it's leader, [[Nicopolo Aris]]. In addition to acts of goodwill, such as the combined Capellan-Sian task force that freed [[Highspire]] from a pirate blockade, the Capellan Agoropolis also ordered brief conflicts with other states. These conflicts saw Capella attack both the [[St. Ives Mercantile League]] and the [[Ingersoll Concordium]], annexing the Concordium almost immediately and securing economic dominance over several League worlds that became total annexation by [[2292]].<ref name="HB:HLp13+"/>
==Nearby Planets==