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Star (Formation)

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*Five [[Point (Clan)|Points]]
Stars are defined by the weight composition of their Points. The four categories are the same as 'Mech ratings: Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault. However, a Light Star need not contain just Light Mechs.
This table shows the various compositions that are typically used. It is unusual for a Star to contain all four Mech weight ratings, and so is omitted here.
{| class="wikitable"
|+ Star Weight Composition
!Light Star!!Medium Star!!Heavy Star!!Assault Star
|5 Light||1 Light, 4 Medium||2 Medium, 3 Heavy||1 Medium, 2 Heavy, 2 Assault
|4 Light, 1 Medium||5 Medium||1 Medium, 4 Heavy||4 Heavy, 1 Assault
|3 Light, 2 Medium||4 Medium, 1 Heavy||5 Heavy||3 Heavy, 2 Assault
|2 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Heavy||3 Medium, 2 Heavy||1 Medium, 3 Heavy, 1 Assault||2 Heavy, 3 Assault
[[Category:Clan Terms]]
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