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First Exodus

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The Seperatist Conflicts
=== The Seperatist Conflicts ===
The Terran Alliance of the early 22nd century was still only an alliance dominated by the wealthiest states, not even uniting the entire planet. The sleeping conflict between the ''Seperatist'' nations and the Terran Alliance not only fueled colonisation efforts, but also created an athmosphere atmosphere of constant threat.<ref name=JHST144>''Jihad Hot Spots: Terra'', pp. 144-145</ref>
After [[2177]], the [[Ryan Cartel|Ryan Cartel's]] newly developed iceshipping process became the main source of drinking water for colonies, further increasing the pace of colonisation.<ref name=DAS13>''Dropships and Jumpships, p.14</ref> [[Rudolph Ryan]] himself was - after his death - revealed as a strong supporter of the colonies' independance and had often "lost" technicians or JumpShips full of colonisation equipment in support of budding Seperatist colonies, which his corporate subsidiaries had helped create in the first place.<ref name=TPS12>''The Periphery (sourcebook)'', p. 12</ref>