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First Exodus

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The conflict continued well into [[2237]], with more and more declarations of independance reaching the Terran Alliance Parliament. Saddled with passive resistance and refusal of support from other colonies, the Terran forces finally realized the futility of their situation and returned home. <ref name=HL9/>
Following this first defeat and with others soon following, the political situation on Terra turned into chaos, allowing the Liberal Party to oust the Expansinoists in [[2240]]. Unfortunately, the Liberals had become as radicalised as the Expansionists, and acted accordingly. For a while, even mentioning Terran offworld colonies was treated as a criminal act. Finally, the Liberals passed the [[Demarcation Declaration]]: from [[2242]] onward, all Terran colonies (aside from a 30 light years blubble bubble around Terra itself) were released into independance, whether they desired it or not. The age of the First Exodus was over.<ref name=JHST144/>