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{{year sections | battles}}
* '''July 1st:''' [[Battle of Epsilon Indi]]
{{year sections | events}}
* [[Amaris Civil War|Amaris-Kerensky Civil]] War begins.
* '''August:''' [[Rim Worlds Republic]] invaded and largely destroyed.
{{year sections | characters}}
* '''28 January:''' General [[Tolstin Eukai]] of the Rim Worlds Army is executed by Stefan Amaris for his incompetence during the campaign for Dieron.* '''31 January:''' [[Stefan Amaris]] declares himself as First Lord Director-General of the Terran Hegemony and leader of the Star League. 
{{year sections | technology}}
* [[Rampage|RMP-5G ''Rampage'']] Assault Class BattleMech enter enters service with Rim Worlds Republic Forces.