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First Exodus

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The Seperatist Conflicts
After [[2177]], the [[Ryan Cartel|Ryan Cartel's]] newly developed iceshipping process became the main source of drinking water for colonies, further increasing the pace of colonisation.<ref name=DAS13>''Dropships and Jumpships, p.14</ref> [[Rudolph Ryan]] himself was - after his death - revealed as a strong supporter of the colonies' independance and had often "lost" technicians or JumpShips full of colonisation equipment in support of budding Seperatist colonies, which his corporate subsidiaries had helped create in the first place.<ref name=TPS12>''The Periphery (sourcebook)'', p. 12</ref>
Despite Ryan's support, not all Seperatists and anti-Alliance groups emigrated off-world, but radicalised in the face of increasing Alliance oppression. Terrorist organisations like Elias Liao's ''New World Disciples'' sprang up. Quickly gaining notority, Liao's group was responsible for the death of no less than 26 heads of states, and 14 Terran Alliance Parliament members (and at least 135 bureocratsbureaucrats, scientists, and technicians), further destablising Terra's political system. Rudolph Ryan himself was killed by an anarchist assassin in [[2185]].<ref name=HL8>''House Liao: The Capellan Confederation'', p. 8</ref>
The simmering conflict between the Alliance and the Seperatists and the constant threat of nuclear terrorism finally erupted into a series of unification wars. By the early 23rd century, Terra was finally unified under the Terran Alliance. The Alliance itself, now without external opposition, began the slow process of unifying from an alliance of independant states into an actual federal state, although more through inertia than by design. <ref name=JHST144/>
During this period of consolidatoinconsolidation, the Alliance Parliament (stuck somewhere between a discussion chamber and an actual legislative body) polarised into two opposite political parties - the authoritarian Expansionists and the slowly radicalising Liberals. The Expansionists had informally been in power since the developement of the Hyperdrive, while the Liberals had begun immitating imitating the tactics of their successful opponents. <ref name=SL10>''Star League sourcebook'', p. 10</ref>
=== Collapse and Isolation ===
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