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[[Image:ClanStar.jpg|thumb|right|Map Designation of a Clan Star ]]
A '''Star''' is the basic building block of [[Clan]] military forces. It consists of five [[Point (Clan)|Points]] working together to provide the most firepower in a unit with the smallest logistical footprint.<ref name=FMWC1112>''Field Manual: Warden Clans'', pg. 11-12</ref><ref name=FMCC910>''Field Manual: Crusader Clans'', pg. 9-10</ref> A Star is commanded by a [[Star Commander]].
==Contents=BattleMech Stars===a star contains:*Five This formation consists of five [[OmniMechs]] or, in the case of garrison and some second-line units, five standard [[Point (Clan)|PointsBattleMechs]] . At the Star level 'Mechs are organized together based on capabilities; grouping together 'Mechs of wildly varying weights, speeds, and offensive proficiencies is generally seen as an invitation for the enemy to divide them in the field.<ref name=FMWC10>''Field Manual: Warden Clans'', pg. 10</ref><ref name=FMCC8>''Field Manual: Crusader Clans'', pg. 8</ref> However while Stars are defined by the weight composition of their Points. The four categories are the same as in a way similar to 'Mech ratings: - Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault. However, a Light Star - each type need not contain just Light only 'Mechsof that weight ratingThis The following table shows shows the various compositions that are typically used. It is unusual for a Star to contain all four 'Mech weight ratings, and so is omitted here.<ref>''Total Warfare'', pg. 265</ref>
{| class="wikitable"
|2 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Heavy||3 Medium, 2 Heavy||1 Medium, 3 Heavy, 1 Assault||2 Heavy, 3 Assault
===AeroSpace Stars===
Clan [[OmniFighter]] Stars consist of ten fighters and differ from 'Mech Stars in that mixed designs and weight classes are common. Medium-weight fighters dominate among the Clan's [[touman]]s along with lower-end heavyweight designs, although not to the exclusion of other weight types. Clan Naval Stars will contain five or six vessels, either [[WarShip]]s, [[JumpShip]]s or [[DropShip]]s, often with an additional command vessel<ref name=FMWC10/><ref name=FMCC8/>
===Armor Stars===
Armor Stars consist of ten vehicles, but due to the Clans' prejudice against [[combat vehicle|conventional armor]] these formations are commonly found in [[solahma]] or, more rarely, garrison units. Light and heavy-weight types are preferred, while medium-weight vehicles are particularly rare.<ref name=FMWC11>''Field Manual: Warden Clans'', pg. 11</ref><ref name=FMCC9>''Field Manual: Crusader Clans'', pg. 9</ref>
===Infantry Stars===
Clan Infantry Stars can consist of either [[Elementals]] or conventional [[infantry]]. Elemental Stars consist of 25 Elementals and play a far more prominent role in Clan warfare than conventional infantry thanks to their [[Battle Armor]]. Conventional infantry Stars consist of 125 soldiers, but are largely solahma or [[freeborn]] units and rarely incorporated into the standard Clan order of battle.<ref name=FMWC11/><ref name=FMCC9/>
===Mixed Stars===
In general Stars which mix different unit types saw their overall combat effectiveness severely weakened. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the strategic command Star, a formation first pioneered by [[Clan Wolf]]. It combines four Points of either OmniMechs or Elementals with an AeroSpace Point for reconnaissance and escort duty. The success of this formation has caused other Clans to adopt it, albeit in more limited numbers.<ref name=FMWC1112/><ref name=FMCC910/>
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Taken from Total Warfare, pg 265