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Julian Tiepolo

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Early service to ComStar
===Early service to ComStar===
The quiet and unemotional Tiepolo rose through the ranks on the back of his skills as an administrator and planner, ultimately selected by Primus [[Allen Rusenstein]] for the important post of [[Precentor]] [[Atreus]], placing him in control of all the [[HPG]] stations in the [[Free Worlds League]] and earning him a seat on the [[First Circuit]]. As a member of that body in [[3006]], Tiepolo among those who pushed for Rusenstein to resign in the wake of the severe devaluing of the [[C-Bill]] in during the [[2990]]'s, the [[Jolly Roger Affair|Jolly Roger Debacle]] and the failure to discover the origins of [[Wolf's Dragoons]]. Tiepolo was selected by the First Circuit as Rusenstein's replacement as a compromise between the conservative and liberal power blocs on the First Circuit. <ref name=CS-50>''ComStar'', p. 50 "Calm Before the Storm - The Mysterious Dragoons"</ref> <ref name=CS-51>''ComStar'', p. 51 "The Tiepolo Years - Old Business"</ref>
===Primus of ComStar===