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Second Andurien War

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The '''Second Andurien War''' was a conflict between the [[Free Worlds League]] and [[Capellan Confederation]] that took place between [[2528]] and [[2531]].<ref>''Era Digest: Age of War'', p. 7, "The Age of War: A Brief Timeline"</ref>
During a state visit in [[2518]], the young [[Kalvin Liao]] was introduced to [[Mesillia Allard]], daughter of the Duke of Andurien. Immediately obsessing over her, he bombarded the Duke of Andurien with marriage proposals after his rise to the post of Chancellor in [[2520]]. Eight years later, the insane Chancellor decided to force her into marriage by conquering the Duchy of Andurien after executing his twenty-six wives for treason. <ref name=HLTCC_p3738>''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)'', pp. 37f</ref>
The war began with a multi-pronged assault by ground and naval units on Andurien. Albert Marik, called to the position of Captain-General, tried to counter the Capellan assault with a flanking action. Soon the war engulfed additional systems and raged across a front from [[Fujidera]] to [[Meadowvale]]. <ref name=HBHM_18>''Handbook: House Marik'', p.18</ref>
Despite being forced to split up his troops to garrison the dozens of affected planets, Albert Marik pushed the offensive back. Often leading the front in a custom-fitted [[Griffin]], the grueling and bloody campaign shook the Captain-General so deeply that he became dedicated to lasting peace and eventually the formation of the Star League.<ref name==HRW_52>''Historical: Reunification War'', p.52</ref> <ref name==TSL_35>''The Star League'', p.35</ref>
==Treaty of New Delos==
The assassination of Kalvin "the Devourer" in [[2530]] allowed for peace. Under the mediation of [[Deborah Cameron]], Albert Marik and the new Chancellor [[Mica Liao]] signed the ''Treaty of New Delos'' in the summer of [[2531]]. For Andurien, the treaty reaffirmed that status quo, but allowed for a plebiscite which would offer the Anduriens the possibility of leaving the Free Worlds League. Additionally, it resolved several other border issues and pushed a large sum of war reparations on the Capellan Confederation.<ref name=HLTCC_p38>''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)'', p.38</ref><ref name=HBHM_pp2122>''Handbook: House Marik'', pp.21f</ref>
==PeaceNotes==''Various books alternatively claim that the Treaty of Delos was signed under the mediation of Director-General Ian Cameron. However, his mother Deborah held that position until 2542; Ian, who in 2531 was only 17 years old, would only ascend to the Terran throne in 2549. It is however possible that he witnessed the negotiation as part of his mother's entourage.''
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*Start Date - [[Start date::2528]]
*End Date - [[End date::2531]]