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Nova Cat (OmniMech)

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|class= Heavy
|mass= 70 Tons
|chassis= Mynx Type Heavy [[Standard]]|armor= Alpha Compound Plate [[Standard]]|engine= [[fusion engine| fusion]]
|speed= 43 K\PH Cruising, 65 K\PH Running
|armament= *3 [[ER Large Laser]]s
After its defeat on[[Tukayyid]], [[Clan Nova Cat]] began working with the [[Draconis Combine]] , and, to preserve the clan millitarily and in spirit, feilded the ''Nova Cat'' Omnimech.
''Alternate Configuration A'' - ''Alternate Configuration A'' Is armed with 4 [[ER Large LasersLaser]] s linked to a targeting computer, for increased accuracy.
''Alternate Configuration B'' - ''Alternate Configuration B'' deviates from the formula of the Primary and Alternate Configurations greatly, as it is more of a missile boat than a Sniper, being equipped with six [[LRM-15]]s and a single [[ER Medium Laser]].
''Alternate Configuration C'' - ''Alternate Configuration C'' , like ''Alternate Configuration B'' is not all energy weapons, and is equipped with two [[Ultra AC5AC/5]]s , one [[LB5-5X X AC]] and Two [[Large Pulse Laser]]s.
''Alternate Configuration D'' - ''Alternate Configuration D'' is very simmilar similar to ''Alternate Configuration C'', being equipped with an [[LB10-10X X AC]] and three [[Heavy Large LasersLaser]]s.