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Thorn (BattleMech)

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The '''''Thorn''''' is a light [[BattleMech]] that was designed for front line use. When the 'Mech first debuted it was with a great deal of hype that unfortunately the 'Mech could never truly live up to. Critics who look at the 'Mech generally see it in one of two ways. As a light 'Mech that isn't is not fast enough for its own good or a light 'Mech that tries to do a job that only a heavier 'Mech should.
Looking at the ''Thorn'' with neither bias it is easy to see where these two viewpoints come from. As far as being able to intercept or hunt down recon 'Mechs of it's its era it is far too slow, and as far as front line combat the ''Thorn'' doesn't does not have the armor or staying power of most front line machines. The only real unique and advanced aspect of the ''Thorn'' is that it was the first 'Mech to utilize an [[Endo Steel]] chassis and [[CASE]] , which paved the way for much heavier 'Mechs in later eras to utilize the technology and make themselves far deadlier with a greater degree of survivability.
The ''Thorn'' carries a weapons array that is not usually seen on light 'Mechs. The reason for this is the use of the Zeus-5 [[LRM-5]] launcher, paired with two Hellion Spitfire [[Medium Laser]]s. These weapons allow the ''Thorn'' some flexibility on the battlefield but with its slow speed and its lackluster armor , the ''Thorn'' is best suited as a light fire support unit for recon lances.
*THE-S - The THE-S ''Thorn'' is a downgraded version of the ''Thorn'' that is very similar to the original THE-N ''Thorn''. While this variant loses some of it's its survivability, there are few changes to the design even when you take into account with its loss of [[Star League]] -era technology. The primary changes are the loss of the [[Endo Steel]] structure and the [[Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment]]. The extra ton of weight needed due to the heavier standard structure is achieved through the removal of CASE and by reducing the already meager armor protection by half a ton. BV (1.0) = 445, BV (2.0) = 510 *THE-N1 - The THE-N1 ''Thorn'' is was produced in the early 3050s, shortly after the newest variant of this venerable old [[BattleMechClan Invasion]]. All of the weapons have been stripped from the chassis and the standard engine has been replaced with an ExtraLight engine [[XL Engine]] while retaining the same speed. The increased weight savings have allowed for the addition of an [[ER PPC]] and a [[Small Laser]]. This new weapons array adds a level of lethality never seen before on the ''Thorn'' at the cost of reduced survivability. BV (1.0) = 595, BV (2.0) = 656 *THE-N2 - This upgrade of the N1 hearkens back to the N in this upgrade that replaces the PPC with an [[MML 7]]. While capable of launching more long-range missiles than the original, it is also able to fire short-range missiles that are capable of dealing twice as much damage. The laser has also been upgraded to an [[ER Small Laser]]. BV (2.0) = ???
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