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*1x[[Guardian ECM Suite]]
*1x[[C3 Slave]]
| BV (1.0) = ???1,017 (C3 : 152)
| BV (2.0) = ???
Alt. Config. A : The most commons is built around the same principle : an [[Ultra AC/20]] is packed with two [[Medium Laser]]s and one [[ER Small Laser]]. It also mounts a [[C3 Slave]] module.BV : 987 (C3 : 137)Alt. Config. B : The last variant, thought uncommon, is considered to be the most feared with its [[Heavy Gauss Rifle]] plus one [[Medium Laser]] and one [[ER Small Laser]] for close in defense.At last, it removes the [[C3 Slave]] module. BV : 1028