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Hunter (JumpShip class)

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| Top Thrust = 0.1 Gs
| LF Battery = None
| Armament = 5 *5x[[Large Pulse Laser]]s, 5 *5x[[Streak SRM-4]], 2 s *2x[[Anti-Missile System]]s
| Armor = 40 tons
| DropShip Capacity = 1
True to their nature the Clans have armed even their nominally non-combattant JumpShips. Accordingly, the ''Hunter'' mounts 5 five [[Large Pulse Laser]]s, 5 five [[Streak SRM-4]] launchers with one ton of ammunition each, and 2 two [[Anti-Missile System]]s with 4 four tons of ammunition in addition to fair armour.
The [[BattleSpace]] rulebook provides a step-by-step guide to the designing rules by designing a sample ship class; it is explicitly stated at the end of the process that the "completed JumpShip belongs to the ''Hunter'' class". However, this (prototype) ''Hunter'' is slightly different: It has room for 10 passengers, a cargo capacity of 1031.5 tons, and mounts only 1 Anti-Missile system with 3 three tons of ammunition (instead of 2 two systems with 4 four tons). The stats given for the ''Hunter'' in the Large Ships section of the rulebook state a cargo capacity of only 1021 tons, which may be in error as they are identical otherwise.
The standard version (from [[Technical Readout 3057]]) is presented here, and has no passenger capacity, but 1097 tons of cargo.