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| image = [[file:Sternensturm.jpg|191px]]
| name = Sternenstrum
| manufacturer = [[Lockheed/CBM]]
| model = STM-O
| Class = Light
| Tech Base = Inner Sphere
| Cost =
| Introduced = 3098
| mass = 40
| structural integrity = 10
| frame = Lockheed/CBM 320
| power plant = Pitban 320 XL
| Fuel = 4
| armament = Prime Configuration
* 3 x [[ER Medium Lasers]]
* 2 x [[Streak 4|Streak SRM 4s]]
| communications system = Lockheed/CBM COMSET 300
| tracking & targeting system = Lockheed/CBM TarSet 75
| heat sinks = 10 [[Double Heat Sinks]]
| BV (1.0) =
| BV (2.0) = 1,405<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', p. 49 Sternensturm - BV2</ref><ref>[ Master Unit Listing Profile for the Sternensturm which includes BV2 & Intro Year.]</ref>

Designed due to aftermath of the [[Jihad]], the STM-O '''''Sternensturm''''' Light Class [[OmniFighter]] which was originally produced for the [[Lyran Commonwealth|Lyran Commonwealth's]] Armed Forces. The Jihad had devastated [[LCAF]]'s aerospace assets, help compliment need for more light fighters Lockheed/CBM of [[Tharkad]] was commissioned create a new design to help replenish its forces. While the fighter would be produced for Commonwealth's armed forces, it would also be sold to mercenary commands who maintained contracts with House Steiner, including the [[Kell Hounds]].

Shortly after the Sternensturm, the light fighter would soon prove its value in 3099, when it was utilized against [[Clan Jade Falcon]] forces conducting an exploratory raid on [[Graus]]. Assigned to the [[2nd Donegal Guards]], the fighter made a big showing by providing ground support fire against [[3rd Falcon Talon (Clan Jade Falcon)|3rd Falcon Talons]].<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', p. 48 Sternensturm - Background and brief history</ref>

==Armament and Capacities==
The Sternensturm is capable of high speed and is utilized as interceptor thanks to its Pitban 320-Rated Extra-Light Engine. The craft's airframe is capable of handling 10 tons worth of Omni Podded weapons and equipment. Thickly armored for a light aerospace fighter, the craft's hull is protected with 11.5 tons of Donegal Omni-Sheath Heavy Ferro-Aluminum. Like most aerospace craft, the fighter's armor is thickest in its nose, while its aft receives an modest amount of armor.

The Fighter's Primary Configuration consists of intermediate and short ranged weaponry. Three Extended-Range Medium Lasers found in the craft's nose. Each of its wing's mounts a single 4-tubed Streak Short-Range Missile launch, while hull carries a single ton of ammunition.<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', pp. 48-49 Sternensturm - Stats</ref>

==Alternate Configurations==
*A Config. - This [[Advanced Technology|advanced]] tech configuration of the Sternensturm has singular but [[ER PPC|Extended Range PPC]] which is augmented by an [[PPC Capacitor]]. BV(2.0) = 1,693<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', pp. 49 & 107 Sternensturm - A Configuration.</ref>

*B Config - Capable of effectively undertaking escort duty and screening missions, the B Configuration armed four [[Anti-Missile Systems]] split between its wings. In addition, the fighter mounts a [[Guardian ECM Suite]] and [[Beagle Active Probe]] give it additional electronics warfare capacities. This Sternensturm configuration's offensive weaponry consists of four ER Medium Lasers. BV(2.0) = 1,512<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', pp. 49 & 108 Sternensturm - B Configuration.</ref>

The name Sternensturm translates from German language as Star Storm.

The Sternensturm has the following [[Design Quirk]]:
*[[Easy to Pilot]]

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*[[Master Unit List]]
*[[Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth]]

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