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| structural integrity = 10
| frame = Lockheed/CBM 320
| power plant = [[Pitban 320 XL]]
| Fuel = 4
| armament = Prime Configuration
==Armament and Capacities==
The Sternensturm is capable of high speed and is utilized as interceptor thanks to its Pitban 320-Rated [[Extra-Light Fusion Engine]]. The craft's airframe is capable of handling 10 tons worth of Omni Podded weapons and equipment. Thickly armored for a light aerospace fighter, the craft's hull is protected with 11.5 tons of Donegal Omni-Sheath Heavy Ferro-Aluminum. Like most aerospace craft, the fighter's armor is thickest in its nose, while its aft receives an modest amount of armor.
The Fighter's Primary Configuration consists of intermediate and short ranged weaponry. Three Extended-Range Medium Lasers found in the craft's nose. Each of its wing's mounts a single 4-tubed Streak Short-Range Missile launch, while hull carries a single ton of ammunition.<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', pp. 48-49 Sternensturm - Stats</ref>
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