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Designed A design created because of the aftermath of the [[Jihad]], the STM-O '''''Sternensturm''''' Light Class [[OmniFighter]] which was originally produced for the [[Lyran Commonwealth|Lyran Commonwealth's]] Armed Forces. The Jihad had devastated [[LCAF]]'s aerospace assets, help compliment need for more light fighters Lockheed/CBM of [[Tharkad]] was commissioned create a new design to help replenish its forces. While the fighter would be produced for Commonwealth's armed forces, it would also be sold to mercenary commands who maintained contracts with House Steiner, including the [[Kell Hounds]].
Shortly after the Sternensturm, the light fighter would soon prove its value in 3099, when it was utilized against [[Clan Jade Falcon]] forces conducting an exploratory raid on [[Graus]]. Assigned to the [[2nd Donegal Guards]], the fighter made a big showing by providing ground support fire against [[3rd Falcon Talon (Clan Jade Falcon)|3rd Falcon Talons]].<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', p. 48 Sternensturm - Background and brief history</ref>