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;<nowiki>MechWarrior: Dark Age</nowiki>
WizKids created new BattleTech game line called ''[[MechWarrior: Dark Age]]'' which employed the substantially different [[Clix]] game rules and had only superficial similarities with BattleTech as it was known until then. To avoid conflict in the shared setting, the new game and the new [[MechWarrior: Dark Age novels|novel line]] accompanying it was set in ca. [[3135]], rougly roughly 70 years after the BattleTech timeline at the time. The 70-year gap allowed for some substantial changes to the overall setting and a 'fresh start'.
The creation of the ''MechWarrior: Dark Age'' spin-off brand led to a renaming of the [[MechWarrior Role Playing Game]] into "''[[Classic BattleTech RPG]]''" for the reprint of the third edition, and "''[[A Time of War]]''" (previously the title of the introduction) for the fourth edition. [[ROC]] discontinued their [[MechWarrior series]] of novels in the classic setting and began to publish [[MechWarrior: Dark Age novels]] in the Dark Age setting.
;Classic BattleTech
The original board game line was re-branded '''[[Classic BattleTech]]''' by[[FanPro]], who had previously held the license for German ''BattleTech'' products. They licensed the rights from WizKids in 2002 and continued to release sourcebooks and supplements under the ''Classic Battletech'' moniker.
;BattleTech again
IP holder WizKids was purchased by [[Topps]] in 2003, and terminated as a brand in 2008 (the brand was since revived, but does not produce BattleTech-related material anymore); ever since, the IP to ''BattleTech'' (and others) are held directly by Topps.
In June 2007, FanPro's license ran out and [[Catalyst Game Labs]] (a subsidiary of [[InMediaRes]] Productions, LLC) acquired the license to Classic BattleTech in their stead. Catalyst also retained many of the staff members who previously worked for FanPro.<ref>[ Catalyst Game Labs » Blog Archive » INMEDIARES PRODUCTIONS, LLC, FORMS IMPRINT: CATALYST GAME LABS<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><br />
The latest iteration of the ''BattleTech'' rules is ''[[Total Warfare]]'' (2006), a streamlined compendium intended to integrate the numerous rules sets that have governed the series into a single, comprehensive volume. ''Total Warfare'' is supplemented by five or more other books (some pending), aiming at producing compatible rulesets for various levels of gameplay:
*''[[TechManual]]'', which presents the design rules for making custom units.
*''[[Tactical Operations]]'', offering advanced rules and equipment beyond those in ''[[Total Warfare]]'' and ''[[TechManual]]'' and offering an updated version of the [[BattleForce]] rules set
*''[[Strategic Operations]]'', updating [[BattleForce|BattleForce 2]] and [[AeroTech 2 Revised Edition|AeroTech 2 Revised]] to provide a large-scale version of the game
* ''Interstellar Operations'', advanced rules to allow playing on a grand strategic scale, playing an interstellar empire instead of individual combat units. This is similar to a previous FASA game named ''[[Succession Wars (Board Game)|Succession Wars]]'' and rules from the ''[[Combat Operations]]'' sourcebook