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Added formation of the Federated Freemen
* [[Battle Magic|Mech Magic Inc.]] founded.
* Conspiracy tri-vid film ''The Phelidere Project'', loosely based disappearance of the ''[[Paymon's Staff]]'', is released.
* The mercenary unit known as the [[Federated Freemen]] is formed by Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Xavier Pelt.
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* Capellan Confederation recovered the [[Arrow IV Homing Missile]] system.
* Capellan Confederation reintroduce the [[Illumination Arrow Missile]].
* [[Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform]] enter enters service.
* Corean Enterprises licenses production of ''[[Centurion]]'' to Jalastar Aerospace.
* Development of what will become the ''[[Claymore]]''-class DropShip begins.