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Nuclear Weapons

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===Davy Crockett===
The '''Davy Crockett''' is a compact .5 half-kiloton nuclear device available in two different variations. The ''Davy Crockett-I'' is a one-shot infantry support weapon carried at the [[platoon]] level. Besides the warhead itself this version includes a special launcher system and booster rockets, weighing in total three tons. Unfortunately the ''Davy Crockett-I'' has a maximum range of a little over one kilometer, which means the attacking infantry are as likely to be caught within the blast effect as the defenders are; as such they are not popular among the troops. The ''Davy Crockett-M'' meanwhile can be launched via [[Arrow IV]] or [[Long Tom]] and, while heavier than normal rounds at one ton each, behave exactly as their normal munitions do. Both versions of the ''Davy Crockett'' operate in ground-burst mode only.<ref name=JHS134>''Jihad Hot Spots: 3070'', p. 134</ref>