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The '''Mamono Infantry Fighting Vehicle''' was designed by Pesht Motors to meet the demand for a new infantry transport when the [[Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery]] shifted doctrines to embrace the widespread use of [[battle armor]] in combined-arms formations. The Marmono was intended to operate in areas where other transports such as the [[Hiryo]] were vulnerable to enemy fire.<ref name="TRO:3145DCp24+"/>
Manufactured on [[Unity]] and capable of transporting either a squad of battle armor suits or a complete [[platoon]] of conventional infantry in the eight-ton [[Infantry Compartment]] built into the vehicle, the Mamono was tougher and better armed than the [[Goblin]] and [[Hasek]] vehicles it resembled. Protected by ten tons of [[Reflective Armor]] and capable of limited amphibious operations, the Mamono was very popular with conventional infantry forces, but was noticeably less popular with the battle armor forces for which it had originally been designed.<ref name="TRO:3145DCp24+"/>
The Marmono mounted several turret-mounted weapon systems - a Shigunga MRM 40 Launcher, enhanced by an Apollo Fire Control System, a Lord's Light 5 [[Snub-Nose Particle Projection Cannon]] and a Chosatsugai no Kanai [[Anti-Missile System]]. Sperry Browning Light Machine Guns were fixed onto the left and right sides of the Marmono. Stored inside the body of the vehicle in ammunition bins protected by CASE were two tons of ammunition for the MRM 40, a ton of ammunition for the AMS and half a ton of ammunition for the Light Machine Guns.<ref name="TRO:3145DCp24+"/>
No variants of the Mamono were in service by [[3145]].<ref name="TRO:3145DCp24+"/>
==Design Quirks==
The Mamono was subject to the following [[Design Quirk]]:<ref name="TRO:3145DCp24+"/>
* [[Poor Performance]]
<references />
*''[[Technical Readout: 3145 Draconis Combine]]''