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Emi Kurita

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Emi was able to narrowly escape an assassination attempt on her life after finding out about a conspiracy against the ruling Kurita family. Since both her parents and brothers were dead, she had no choice but to seek asylum with the [[Clan Nova Cat|Nova Cats]] who harbored loyalty to her family and not the "puppet" Coordinator [[Yori Kurita]]. While hiding within the protection of the Nova Cats, she went on a personal mission to conceive a child to continue the true line of Kurita blood.
Once a child was conceived, and with the backing of both the Nova Cats and [[Katana Tormark]]'s]] [[Dragon's Fury]], Emi was able to get a sizable force to rebel against the Dragon Throne. Unfortunately for her, the forces of [[Matsuhari Toranaga]] were stronger and the forces loyal to her were brutally suppressed.<ref name=ER3145></ref>
Emi decided to take the life of herself and her son, Daisuke, with poison rather than to see both of them paraded and/or executed as an example.<ref name=ER3145></ref>