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Emi Kurita

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== Character History ==
Being the only daughter of Coordinator Vincent Kurita, she was groomed from birth to one day become the [[Keeper of the Family Honor|Keeper of House Honor]]. She would be entrusted to become the moral and social soul of the [[Draconis Combine]]. In addition to the pressure of her future position, she had to deal with the pain of tragedy from being separated from her mother and older brother due to Parkinson's disease. Due to this pain, she and her brother [[Theodore Kurita II|Theodore Kurita]] became close while growing up.<ref name=ER3145></ref>
When she was officially granted the title of Keeper of House Honor, when she was twenty-three, she provided both her father and brother wise counsel. Despite her father's not caring for what others thought, she did worry about public opinion and went about mitigating the worst of the gossip.<ref name=ER3145></ref>