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Armament and Capacities
Shortly after the Sternensturm, the light fighter would soon prove its value in 3099, when it was utilized against [[Clan Jade Falcon]] forces conducting an exploratory raid on [[Graus]]. Assigned to the [[2nd Donegal Guards]], the fighter made a big showing by providing ground support fire against [[3rd Falcon Talon (Clan Jade Falcon)|3rd Falcon Talons]].<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth'', p. 48 Sternensturm - Background and brief history</ref>
==Armament Weapons and CapacitiesEquipment==
The Sternensturm is capable of high speed and is utilized as interceptor thanks to its Pitban 320-Rated [[Extra-Light Fusion Engine]]. The craft's airframe is capable of handling 10 tons worth of Omni Podded weapons and equipment. Thickly armored for a light aerospace fighter, the craft's hull is protected with 11.5 tons of Donegal Omni-Sheath Heavy Ferro-Aluminum. Like most aerospace craft, the fighter's armor is thickest in its nose, while its aft receives an modest amount of armor.