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The ''Vali'' was produced for more than fifty years and was a main stay in the forces of the SLDF through the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth centuries. It fought all the way though [[Operation LIBERATION]], suffering the highest losses of any artillery units. It is unknown if any were taken with on [[Aleksandr Kerensky|Kerensky]]'s [[Operation Exodus|Exodus]], but each of the [[Successor States]] were able to take possession of many of the vehicles, that were abandoned due to ammunition shortages, and participated in the [[Succession Wars]].<ref name=HLoTV2p138></ref>
==ArmamentWeapons and Equipment==
The only weapon that the ''Vali'' wields is a single [[Arrow IV]] launcher with five tons of ammunition; enough ammunition to be able to maintain a constant barrage for four straight minutes.<ref name=HLoTV2p138></ref>