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Trillian Steiner-Davion

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[[File:Trillian_Steiner_3145.png|thumb|right|Trillian Steiner as [[archon]] in [[3145]]]]
{{Update Needed|[[A Bonfire of Worlds]], [[Era Report: 3145]]}}
'''Trillian Steiner-Davion''' (Born [[3108]])<ref>''Blood of the Isle'', p. 167</ref> - 32nd Century noblewoman, who is the granddaughter of [[Peter Steiner-Davion]]. She is the House Steiner Royal public adviser and aide to the [[Archon]] [[Melissa Steiner II|Melissa Steiner]].
She is acts as the Steiner family historian. She is loyal and believes in {{Update Needed|[[Devlin StoneA Bonfire of Worlds]]'s dream of republic. She been trained for many years with Commonwealth's Diplomatic Corp where she acquired good negotiation skills.}}
=== Character History === [[File:Trillian_Steiner_3145.png|thumb|right|Trillian Steiner as [[Archon]] in [[3145]]]]
'''TrillianSteiner-Davion''' (b. [[3108]]<ref>''Blood of the Isle'', p. 167</ref><ref name=ER3145>''Era Report: 3145''s parents were killed while she was young, p. 97-98, "Trillian Steiner profile"</ref> - d. 3???) - The great-granddaughter of [[Peter Steiner-Davion]] and was raised with her cousin Melissa as if they were sisters[[Archon]] of the [[Lyran Commonwealth]].
She meets == Character History ===== Early Life ===Trillian's parents died when she was a young girl; having no immediate family she was raised by her uncle [[Andrew Steiner]] along with distant her cousin, [[Jasek Kelswa-Melissa Steiner(32nd c.)|Melissa]], while on business with Duke . Unlike her relatives who showed a negative attitude towards [[Vedet BrewsterDevlin Stone]] in November and his [[3134Republic of the Sphere|Republic]], Trillian carried on her parent's positive attitude towards the young new nation. <ref name=ER3145></ref>
She & Duke Vedet === Diplomat ===Due to how close Trillian and Melissa were convinced growing up, when the throne of the Lyran Commonwealth was inherited by him Melissa, she quickly made Trillian her chief diplomat. Trillian's task transformed into the troubleshooter who traveled from one corner of the Lyran realm to the other in order to usher support for his cause appease lesser nobles and to fight [[Clan Jade Falcon]] in put out any political fires that may have started. Her travels increased exponentially once the [[Republic of the SphereGray Monday|HPG network crashed]].<ref name=ER3145></ref>
In spring After the fall of interstellar communication, Trillian was able to accomplish three tasks that put her into the spotlight. First, in [[31353134]], she attends met with her great uncle Victor distant cousin, [[Jasek Kelswa-Steiner-Davion]], and was able to give him military support for the defense of [[Skye]] against the [[Clan Jade Falcon]] desant into the Republic's funeral and meets with some [[Prefecture IX]]. Second, she was the messenger for Melissa Steiner to [[Clan Wolf-in-Exile]] in order to get the services of [[Clan Wolf]] in [[3136]]. Third, she was a part of [[Operation HAMMERFALL]] when she was able to broker the surrender of the Inner Sphere nobility[[Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey]].<ref name=ER3145></ref>
In November=== Archon ===Growing up outside the line of succession for the throne, [[3136]] Archon Melissa Steiner informs her Trillian believed that she is assigning would never have to worry about ruling. That changed when her as military envoy to Duke Vedet's expeditionary force cousin made it clear that she wanted Trillian to hammer various parts of old Free Worlds League to prevent there reformation. She would be given considerable sweeping powers as envoy the next Archon of the ArchonCommonwealth. Part of Trillian attained the title when her mission also includes cousin sacrificed her being send life to ensure that Trillian and rest of the Lyran leadership were able to [[Arc-Royal]]'s [[escape during the Clan Wolf-in-Exile]] to form an pack with them. To get them to negotiate a secret pack with their invasion of [[Clan Wolf|other halfTharkad]] to help invade Free Worlds League space. She names Colonel [[Klaus Wehner]] as military aide<ref>''Era Report: 3145'', p.98, "Melissa Steiner profile"</ref>
In March 18thSince her taking of the throne, Trillian has ruffled the feathers of the [[3137Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces]] she meets commanding officers with Duke Vedet Brewster and his military aide Bernard Nordhoff and offers him position as campaign leader her decisions of coming invasion amputating parts of Free Worlds League. She must use her diplomatic skills the empire in order to plan keep Duke 's ambitions in check.She orders a new military formation created with her cousin, [[Roderick Steiner|Roderick Frost]] as its commanderensure the survival of the Commonwealth. <ref name=ER3145></ref>
In May, she briefed by General Heinrick on [[Cavanaugh II]] in on planning of what is called [[Operation Hammerfall]]. == Position ==
Where she checks on the details {{s-start}}{{s-bef|before=[[Melissa Steiner (32nd c.)|Melissa Steiner]]}}{{s-title|title=Archon of the plans also raid Clan Jade Falcons with the operation. Lyran Commonwealth|years=[[3143]]-????}}In July, She meets with Roderick and confides him he is needed by his house and for her to lead special military force under command to do special missions. Roderick accepts and assembles people to form his "Broken Swords" Battalion. {{s-aft|after=????}}In September she has Klaus Wehner, Roderick try to figure out the fighting patterns in in Marik{{s-Stewart Commonwealth. Roderick suspects that Silver Hawks are being used to bleed Lyran forces and keep resistance up on the captured worlds. end}}
Trillian arrived on [[Tamarind]] in November to negotiate with Duke [[Fontaine Marik]] to convince him to sign a peace treaty with Lyran Commonwealth. As backup to her plan, she had her cousin Roderick's Broken Swords battalion travel days behind her and later backed up both the [[1st Hesperus Guards]] and [[3rd Lyran Regulars]] arrive to bail her and Swords out if negotiations failed. She and her aide escaped through Lyran Consulate's secret tunnels system. She and Klaus slipped into the city, but were confronted by city police. There in an alley way, she police officer grabbed her. Thinking she was going be captured, raped, and possibly killed. She struggled with the officer and managed to strangle him to death. There she and Klaus try blend into the city's homeless population. Hoping to keep out of the eye of the authorities that were seeking them. She began suffer from nightmares of her encounter with the police officer while hiding in the city. News of one of Roderick's dropships being destroyed, but successfully destroying the many of the world's communication system gave her hope that she could hook up with him and his force. Duke had ordered all the homeless people of the city to help in the defense of the city to aide to build barricades to defend the city with. They are taken to the outskirts of the city where they work with rest of the work gangs to build simple brick barricades. Later, she and Klaus slip away. By the 9th they manage guess where Roderick held up, in village of Burkettsville. Five days later on the 14th, the Third Lyran Regulars arrived on world with two battalions of troops. By this time her cousin’s unit had been rendered to shadow of a company and they were exhausted. She turned Roderick and told him she chose him because not only for his skills as military commander, but who he really was…Steiner. She and Archon has agreed that victory on Tamarind must be won for Lyran people and not by Duke Vedet or one his proxy like [[Bernard Nordhoff|General Nordhoff]]. So convinced him to use his true name and rally his troops to link up with the Third and ursp the victory from Vedet and his people. Roderick concedes and reveals who he is and manages to turn tide of battle after attacking Tamarind’s forces rear flank’s and getting rally Third Lyrans to join him in cutting Tamarind force in half. After the discovery of General Nordhoff’s desertion, Roderick then takes command of Third Lyrans and quickly takes the city after refitting his forces.  Trillian arrives at Marik Palace, where she is meets with Grand Vizier Sha Renkin, whom is ordered by Duke Marik to broker armistice so as to stop his people's blood from being spilled. Duke having fled situation and vowing continue fight against invasion saying there would be no peace until Lyrans were gone. By March of [[3138]], Trillian had returned to Tharkad report of armistice of Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey. She had been still having nightmare of the incident with police officer she had killed. After talking to Melissa, was she able to relieve onslaught of nightmares. Melissa then spoke to her that she too had nightmares since starting war and cost of all lives both sides. She then said heard from Clan Wolf, that they had now emerged from silence and began attacking Marik-Stewart commonwealth and starting with the world of [[Gannett]]. ===References===
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==Bibliography==*''[[Blood of the Isle]]'' (novel) - first appearance *''[[Sword of Sedition]]'' (novel)*''[[Fortress Republic]]'' (novel)*''[[Fire at Will]]'' (novel) - first featured appearance *''[[The Last Charge]]'' (novel) * ''[[Era Report: 3145]]''
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