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:So they were somewhat of a precursor? Sorry for my ignorance; I'm not as well versed in early BT history. Most of what I know about them is from reading Sarna articles! -[[User:BobTheZombie|BobTheZombie]] ([[User talk:BobTheZombie|talk]]) 15:37, 10 February 2014 (PST)
::When I saw the recent change, I was surprised Star League in Exile just redirects to Clans. Definitely agree with Cyc--[[User:S.gage|S.gage]] ([[User talk:S.gage|talk]]) 20:59, 10 February 2014 (PST)
:::The Star League in Exile was the name for the group of people Aleksandr Kerensky led into exile and who settled on Strana Mechty and the Pentagon worlds. They set up the city of Katyusha, established a military training academy and so on (although I'm a little confused from one of the canon sources as to whether there were already some people on Strana Mechty when the Star League in Exile arrived). The Star League in Exile existed for a while, although I'd need to check sourcebooks and novels to be certain - a couple of decades or so, I think. Tensions between the different national groups within the SLiE - particularly, it seems, the Capellans and FedSuns ethnic blocs, although that may just be because of the focus they got in the Fall From Glory. The SLiE basically ended when the various nationalistic factions (prompted in no small part by the efforts of Nicholas Kerensky and Jennifer Winston/possibly a Cameron crazy spy woman) began the full-fledged Pentagon Civil War after Aleksandr Kerensky died while planning combat operations after Capellan nationalists killed Aaron DeChavilier. With the civil war erupting across the Pentagon worlds, Nicholas and Andery Kerensky left the Pentagon worlds with a bunch of loyalists - including a lot of the surviving SLDF navy, under Stephen McKenna - and migrated to Strana Mechty. While the various nationalistic exodite factions beat each other to a pulp, Nicholas Kerensky rearranged his followers into a new society, the Clans.
:::Exactly how it all happens isn't clear - ''[[Fall From Glory]]'' isn't a finished novel series yet (only the first two have been finished and translated into English) - so important events like the death of Andery haven't been elaborated on yet. The Star League in Exile basically died with the Pentagon civil war, although a couple of decades later, the ''[[Betrayal of Ideals]]'' story series covers [[Clan Wolverine]] breaking from Clan society for various reasons, and Clan Wolverine rename themselves the Star League in Exile, with Franklin Hollis declaring that they're now dedicated to the spirit of the Star League/SLDF, where the Clans aren't. [[User:BrokenMnemonic|BrokenMnemonic]] ([[User talk:BrokenMnemonic|talk]]) 01:46, 11 February 2014 (PST)